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Rescue Remedy Roll-Ons

Rescue Remedy Roll-Ons

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Support your body’s natural healing process with Rescue Remedy Roll-Ons, blending together the benefits of topical aromatherapy and skin-loving jojoba oil!

After Party: apply topically to forehead, belly, and back of neck after a fun night of overindulgence (ginger, peppermint, grapefruit, and lavender)

Bumps & Bruises: apply topically to mild bruises (lavender, frankincense, and geranium)

Cuts & Scrapes: apply topically to mild cuts, scrapes, and burns (lavender, geranium, tea tree, and roman chamomile)

Headache: apply topically to forehead, temples, and back of neck at the onset of a headache (lavender, peppermint, and roman chamomile)

Itch Be Gone: apply topically to bug bites and itchy skin spots (lavender, helichrysum, and juniper berry)

Mens-ease: apply topically to lower belly & lower back as well as behind ears, on wrists, and bottoms of feet during PMS & PMDD symptoms (bay laurel, frankincense, clary sage, and geranium)

Rest & Digest: Apply topically to chest, stomach, and lower belly for upset stomach and mild gastrointestinal distress before, during, and/or after meals (ginger, sweet fennel, and lemongrass)

To Use: Apply topically as needed. Do not apply to open wounds or use internally.

Organic ~ 100% Natural ~ Blended with Certified Organic Essential Oils ~ Free of Synthetic Fragrances

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