Welcome to Mountain Laurel Apothecary! As a one-woman small business, I love what I get to do here and am so glad you stopped by!

I started Mountain Laurel Apothecary in October 2021 after years of experimenting and learning and creating because, like you, I value products that are safe for me and my loved ones.



As a certified aromatherapist and budding herbalist, I believe in the power of plants and natural wellness and always strive to bring you products you can trust.

Each bar of soap, lotion bar, healing salve, and other products is made with an intuitive touch and a heart-driven intention to bridge the connection between mind, body, and spirit using certified organic, sustainable, ethically-sourced, and locally-sourced ingredients and materials wherever possible.

So, take a look around the shop and check out all the amazing products to support you and your family!